W13 final presentation in ECOWEEK 2011

Project title: Cultivate it!

The W13 focuses on the street market and on the lifecycle of the materials that are used in it. The street market is a regular gathering place for people in order to buy goods. It is installed on local streets, creating a complex and more fluid circulation system. The sidewalks are occupied by the storage trucks, the road becomes the main pedestrian circulation axis with both its sides accommodating the selling points. As time goes by, products are reduced resulting in a continuous increasing volume of garbage: biodegradable and non eco-friendly.

Through the material reuse, our project generates an alternative selling point and a product. The installation that is composed by reused plastic crates and synthetic net reveals the amount of daily waste. At the same time, the product consists of soil and organic compost with selected seeds, all inside a reused plastic crate, combining in that way the recycle through compost process and the reuse of non eco-friendly materials. By selling the products, the empty parts of the structure are transformed into a sitting place and the selling point becomes a socializing point.

This project continues after the closure of the market since the cultivation of plants in urban houses is a reminder that what seems useless, it is not.

You can watch the final presentation here: Final PRES W13 s

and the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjosdHn6wHk


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