Designing Interface Architecture

“FABberz is a community whose principle objective is to spread knowledge about the fabrication and customization of designs. The goal of the FABberz project is to allow the ENTIRE world to become a fabber. How? Bringing the creative processes of design and fabrication directly into the hands of the public.”

For the first phase of the project, FABberz ( in collaboration with LaN (, are organizing a workshop in Rio de Janeiro, whose main objective is to familiarize the participants with digital fabrication techniques and parametric design tools. The great opportunity for innovation that the 2016 Olympics are offering to Rio de Janeiro, is also providing a fertile soil for architectural experimentation. Giving access to the brazilian students of architecture to innovative means of architectural design can give a great push in the improvement of the living conditions in Brazil. Main goal of the workshop will be to implement sustainable digital manufacturing processes in the favela neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo through active participation, not only of the students, but also of the local residents.

Through KICKSTARTER you can support financially FABberz initiative and help them spread the knowledge about digital fabrication and massive customization. Moreover you will become part of a the FABberz community and according to your pledge you will be able to get a reward/present from the workshops products. Check it out!


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