Rolling Stone Eco-Capsule Home by Nice Architects

Rolling Stone Eco-Capsule Home.

Part gypsy wagon, part RV trailer, and all aerodynamic eco-capsule, this mobile modern living structure is compact, built from environmentally friendly materials, and self-sufficient in terms of energy, water and waste.


Nice Architects‘ Rolling Stones capsules are inspired by gypsy wagons, which served as both living quarters and backdrops for gypsies work as entertainers. The unit is completely mobile when towed behind a vehicle, and when stationary it can be expanded to form an open air studio space or even a mobile stage. Its round shape is meant to resemble a rock in a meadow, and the project blends into its natural surroundings through the use of a reflective surface made from recycled aluminum can tiles. The rest of the structure is constructed from locally sourced wood and OSB panels.

Each unit runs 270 sq feet and is designed to accommodate 2 people comfortably, although 6 people could stay in it if necessary. There is a bedroom with a double bed and closet, a bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink, and as a living room with a kitchenette. A reservoir on top of the capsule is used to collect rainwater and can serve as an emergency sleeping space.

The units are designed to survive independent of outside amenities, and each one comes equipped with either a solar system or wind turbine mounted on top. Below the floor of the unit are two reservoirs for clean water and grey water, which can be used for toilet flushing. A composting toilet takes care of solid waste, and an electric heater provides both heat for the unit and hot water. All in all, it’s a pretty cute and compact little unit – almost like an Airstream that has been hacked and rebuilt by gypsy rock and roll musicians.

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